Arthur from Austin, TX

Leased a 2017 Toyota RAV4

“Hands down the best car buying experience I have ever had. These guys are first class all the way! My saleswoman Diana Lespron was amazing! She was patient, answered all my questions and kept me updated the whole way. When the car arrived it was beautiful and it was exactly what we wanted. Please ask for Diana at Continental Auto Leasing for your next purchase!”

Gregg from Austin, TX

Leased a 2017 Ford F250 4×4 King Ranch

“I have had the true pleasure of leasing vehicles from Keith for 15 years! I am a busy doctor, all I do is call up Keith tell him the car I want, he finds it within 24 hours, brings it to me I drive it, he arranges financing, the trade in on my current vehicle, gets the vehicle much cheaper than I can, lets me know payments and literally within two days you’re in a new ride! Why would anyone do anything else, he is so easy to work with, it’s how car buying should be done! Thanks again Keith and Continental Auto Leasing!”

Andrew from Round Rock, TX

Leased a 2017 Ford F150 XLT 4 Wheel Drive

“Excellent Service, Great Experience! Keith was able to locate the Ford F150 I was looking for, with very specific options. Great customer service! I have leased many vehicles over the last 15 years, this is by far the best company I have worked with! Thank you!!!”
Chris from Manor, TX

Leased a 2017 Toyota Tacoma 4×4

“I did not know leasing a new car could be so easy. I sent an email, got a call back, sent in my credit application, and all in 48 hours picked up my truck. This really was an awesome experience!”

Kyle from Leander, TX

Bought a Pre-Owned 2012 Lexus IS250

Big thank you to Kyle for allowing us to find him this gorgeous 2012 Lexus IS250. We can get our customers into Any Make, Any Model!

“Great Service, Great Car, Made it super easy! Thanks Keith!”
Mickie from Marble Falls, TX

Leased a 2017 Nissan Rouge

“What a great experience with Keith Cansler in getting the perfect car for me. He had some valuable insights on the best car for me and I feel he was truly looking out for my interests. Couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to get on the road in my beautiful 2017 Nissan Rogue!”

Pete from Austin, TX

Leased a 2017 Audi Q3 2.5T Quattro

“I have been buying and leasing cars for years in this town. Recently, I have been shopping for a car for my son. I talked to at least 8 dealers. I came across Continental Auto Leasing on Google.

“I made one phone call to them and it was awesome. I was looking for a super rare car with lots of adds. Continental Auto Leasing spent the first day trying to find me the car. Charles gave me a call back that afternoon to let me know they found it. They located it in San Antonio. Then they set up a test drive for me and my son. It was the car we were looking for.

“I spent 2 week trying to get this done and in two days these guys had me driving away in exactly what I wanted. Not to mention, I was in and out in 15 minuets when we came to do our paperwork and take delivery.

“These guys know customer service and how to make it happen. Thank you Keith and Charles, you have made me and my son very happy!”

Jack from Waco, TX

Leased a Pre-Owned Lexus ES350

“I called Continental Auto Leasing 3 days ago and asked if they could find me a really clean used Lexus ES350. I got a call from them last night. They said they had found it and asked when could I come take a look at it. I told them that this car better be right, I was driving down from Waco, TX. They told me that they would not waste my time and that this is the car I was looking for. So the next morning I drove down to take a look. I did not bring my trade in so I would not be pressured into buying a car. Well, I got there and man did they find the perfect car. It was just what I asked for and more. From the quality of car to the price it was all just as I had hoped. I was so excited that I drove back to Waco grabbed my trade and drove right back. I will never buy a car from anyone else from this day forward. If your looking for great customer service and a great deal, give these guys a chance.”

Camille from Austin, TX

Leased a 2017 BMW 530i

Another day, another happy customer! 🎉

Camille Johnson leased a 2017 BMW 530i BMW. This lease will be used for company travel with in great state of Texas. Congratulations to Camille and the Johnson and Anderson Law Firm!

Alex and Michelle from Hutto, TX

Leased a 2017 Toyota Corolla

Alex & Michelle Navarro were looking for a super low payment on a leased car and that is just what they got! Congratulations on your brand new 2017 Toyota Corolla.

This is the 2nd vehicle Alex & Michelle Navarro have leased from us. Thank you both for your continued support and enjoy the new set of wheels!

Maria from Buda, TX

Purchased a 2016 Used CR-V

It’s not easy to find a 2016 used CR-V with less then 1,000 miles on it. But that’s what we did to make Maria Lopez a happy customer. 🎉

We don’t just lease new vehicles; our team excels at finding awesome Pre-Owned vehicles, too. Thank you, Maria, for your business!

Elizabeth from League City, TX

Leased a 2017 Tacoma Limited

Shout out to another amazing customer! 🎉

Enjoy your Tacoma truck, Elizabeth and welcome to the Continental Auto Leasing family!

Jay from Leander, TX

Purchased a Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz C 250

This happy guy is Jay Burcham! He was a new driver in need of his first car. He decided on a Mercedes-Benz C 250. 😍

Thank you to Jay and the Burcham family for their continued business and support. Congratulations and happy cruising!

Frank from Austin, TX

Leased a 2017 Ford F-150

“Grab a phone and call Continental Auto Leasing. You’ll realize how easy leasing a car can be!” Thanks for the kind words Frank, and enjoy the truck!

Perry from Austin, TX

Leased a Cadillac CTS-V

Meet Perry Belcher, a local digital marketing guru. We just delivered him his new Cadillac CTS-V! 💚

After shopping other leasing companies and the local Cadillac dealers, he found the right deal with us at CAL. This is the 8th vehicle he’s leased from our owner, Keith Cansler. Perry is happy, happy, happy!!

Steve from Austin, TX

Purchased a fleet of BMWs and INFINITI’s

See how local Austin start up, Titan Urban Transportation, utilized our team to get their first fleet of 30 vehicles for a luxury on-demand car service! 🚘

In addition to leasing and selling vehicles direct to the consumer, we at Continental Auto Leasing can also assist you with your commercial needs.

Thank you to Steve Late and the Titan Urban Transportation team for your trust and support!

Miller Family from Leander, TX

Leased a 2017 Cadillac Escalade

Meet the Millers! They were looking for the perfect monthly payment on a new 2017 Cadillac Escalade. After working with just about everyone they could think of, they finally found Continental Auto Leasing through a friend.

Not only did we lease them this awesome SUV, but we beat out our competitors by over $300 per month!

You may wonder how CAL can do this. It’s because we have teamed up with the largest lending institutions in the US; not every business has this capability! Let us show you how much you can save on your monthly payments without having to compromise on your dream car, just like the Millers did. 💚

Joe from Austin, TX

Leased a 2017 Ford F-150

Join us in congratulating Joe Lopez! He leased a stunning new 2017 Ford F-150 from our team. It is always such a pleasure to work with great people. Thank you, Joe and enjoy your new truck!

Chris and Melissa from Leander, TX

Purchased a Pre-Owned Cadillac

“Above and beyond the call of duty!  To say that my car buying experience was easy doesn’t do it justice. Thank you so much Keith and Charles for going above and beyond anything I could have expected during this experience!

Chris wanted to surprise his wife, Melissa, for her birthday. After talking with Keith about the options, they were able to pull off the ultimate birthday surprise! Melissa was thrilled to receive a shiny new ride!”