Keith Cansler Continental Auto Leasing Austin
Keith Cansler


Keith grew up in Austin, Texas and continues to call it home. When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and being involved in his community. Keith’s favorite hobby is golf, so he’s excited about his son developing a passion for the game! Someday he hopes to scratch off a special bucket list item by playing a round of golf at Augusta National! All in all, Keith is a family man who enjoys being around people and doing what he can to help as many as possible.

Charles Minor

Leasing Agent

Originally from Corpus Christi, Charles graduated from Texas A&M, and moved to Austin from the Houston area. Charles has been happily married to his wife and best friend, Katy, for 27 years and together, they have an amazing daughter, Elizabeth. Charles loves golfing and has been playing golf for almost 40 years now. Twice out of the past three years, Charles has been to St. Andrews to play, and to watch The Open.

Debbie Clifton

Payroll Specialist

Debbie was born and raised in Texas, and came to Austin in 1984. Debbie has been in the car business since 85′ and is grateful to have been with CAG since 92′. She loves getting to travel around and visit her son, who is a Master Sergeant in the US Airforce. He has been stationed in Germany, Italy, Hawaii, Guam, and Korea, so she has had some great trips while visiting him! Debbie enjoys all of the time she gets to spend with her 5 grandkids, and has very happy memories of getting to watch her oldest grandson play baseball and watch him and his teammates grow up together. The one thing she is looking forward to more than anything, even more than her own retirement, is the retirement of her son from the Airforce, so that he can move back home.

Diana Lespron

Leasing Agent

Diana moved to Austin from Phoenix, Arizona. She has two children, a son and a daughter. When she is not at work she likes to go on evening bike rides or walks with her children. She also likes to dog sit, go to local parks, shop, and to just hang out with her family and dear friends. Diana is always smiling and is a pleasure to work with. Her favorite color changes daily and is based on a variety of different factors.

Howard Shaw

Leasing Agent

This is Howard. Howard was born and raised in Austin, Texas. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and playing golf. He also likes to watch his youngest son play baseball. You can find Howard enjoying rides on his motorcycle, especially with friends and family. Howard feels he is very blessed and wouldn’t change a thing in his life.

Thorne Smith

Leasing Agent

Born in Santa Monica, California, Thorne moved to Austin in 2014 to live in the best city in the world! (Only to follow all of the other Californians that moved here…) A true multifaceted advocate for his clients, Thorne can do it all! He prefers to offer a one of a kind service to his new and existing clients. Thorne has been in sales and finance in the automotive business since 2013, and believes that he is “changing the game, one lease at a time!” On the few days that he doesn’t work, he’s probably with his 2 dogs, or on his motorcycle, and boy does he love that 2-wheeled machine! Overall, Thorne’s goal is to help people, however he may. He has an overwhelming sense of gratitude-thanks to Keith, the owner of CAL- as he hired him as a member of the team. Thorne’s ecstatic to be on his journey with CAL! (You might be able to hear him jumping up and down upstairs!)

Jeff Ray

Lead Graphic Designer

Jeff was born and raised in Southern California. In 2015, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and a career doing what he loves in marketing and design. In his free time, he loves going to the movies, going to comedy clubs, discovering new music, and taking his greyhound, Kiowa, to cool dog parks around Austin. He is proud to part of the CAG family.

Dustin Giusti

Level 1 Tech Support

Dustin was born in San Antonio and lived in Pflugerville and Boerne growing up. He moved to Austin in 2016. In his spare time, he likes playing challenging or competitive video games and puzzles, and watching TV series online with his friends. He likes to tell people that his favorite movie is Spiderman 3, mainly because of the reaction it gets from his friend and fellow IT person, Walker. His favorite grocery aisle is… not. It’s Amazon Prime. One day, he would like to visit Germany and the Netherlands to enjoy the scenery.

Laura Black

Design Center Consultant

Laura Black was born and raised in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere; West Milford, New Jersey. BUT, she was raised in a log cabin on the lake! It was a very cold and sunny area, so Texas has been a welcoming change. She has been a dancer since she was three years old. A lot of her youth was spent in New York City; which to this day is her favorite place on earth. She is an absolute pro at the subway system. She came to Austin on vacation in 2009 and fell in love. A downtown with fantastic nightlife and plenty of hiking for her beagle, Brock.

Mack Cansler

“The Main Man”

Meet Mack, the happiest guy here. He knows everybody, meets everybody, and loves everybody. If you’re ever looking for a smile, this guy has got it! Here is a little bit of Mack’s background. He ranched in the Panhandle of Texas for 20 years. He then owned his own insurance agency for 31 years. During that time he phased into the Automobile business and did that for 10 years. Within the automobile business he was in management for 4 years, sales for 4 years, and internet sales for 2 years and counting. Outside of work, Mack takes great pride in his family. He is one true family man.

Noelia Torres

Internal Auditor

Noelia is a Virgo, so she doesn’t lie and she doesn’t embellish. A consummate accountant, she is from Robstown, Texas, graduated from Texas State, and has lived in Austin for nine years. She works out regularly and describes her style as straightforward. She takes the TV show Ghost Whisperer quite seriously and is overcoming an unfounded fear of non-physical spirits.

Rebecca Kish

Digital Marketing Strategist

Rebecca was born in Houston, TX and raised in Bloomington, IN. Go Hoosiers! She graduated from the University of Evansville with her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management in 2014. She made it back to Texas that year and does not plan on leaving anytime soon. As a result of growing up playing basketball, volleyball, and softball, Rebecca is naturally competitive and driven in the workplace. She adds an additional enthusiasm to the Macho Marketing team and is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about social media practices. Rebecca is also the provider of endless belly rubs to her brother-and-sister family adopted dogs, Kenny and Chesney.

Garrett Liming

Recon Manager

Garrett is married with two awesome kids. One of their favorite things to do as a family is to travel. They generally choose to visit places that have beaches. Garrett also happily attends many dance recitals, and even coaches baseball!

Shelby Rae

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Shelby is a multi-talented, driven, professional photographer with a passion for all things art and creating. She has had cameras in her hands since she was a child, and hasn’t put them down since. Shelby’s dream is to create a portfolio of the world by traveling to many countries while experiencing their culture.

Suzette Burrow

Macho Marketing Consultant

Suzette grew-up in a once little town near Austin, Texas called Dripping Springs. She started working for the Continental Automotive Group at the age of 17 as a receptionist where she met her husband, Andrew Burrow. From receptionist, she then bounced around CAG, and today she works as a Marketing Consultant for all of CAG! If you can’t get enough of her from the informative videos on the web, then you can often find her at Matt’s El Rancho, her favorite Mexican food restaurant in Austin.

Tabitha Thompson

Graphic Designer

Tabitha has an incredibly colorful past. She previously taught English in Japan before she found her true calling in alternative dance public performance art. Tabitha found her way to Austin only by chance after her struggles on the road left her travelling dance troupe stranded in south Austin. The Co-op group disbanded over monetary issues as the market at the time wasn’t ready for the wildly wicked moves of the underground dance revolution. Tabitha prevailed by becoming a vegan (something she claims gives her super powers) and focusing her vegan chi into clothing design with an emphasis on salon management. Tabitha quickly became a powerful downtown socialite in the early 2000’s, but she resigned from the lifestyle stating, “I’ve gotta quit the scene before the scene quits me.” Wise words. We’re happy that Tabitha decided to settle down as part of the CAG family. Tabitha’s favorite anecdote is the time she overdosed on vitamin B12 and pushed over a local vegan food truck in a flushed fit of nutritionally enhanced rage – Tabitha recalls their customer service was, “entirely and utterly tragic.” The owner of the truck is now out of business. He has made a full recovery with no plans to reopen citing, “fear of retribution.”